Power Your Operations with a Full-Featured Hotel Property Management System

Unlock unparalleled flexibility with our fully mobile, intuitive,
and cloud-native hotel PMS. Transform your operations
and elevate the guest experience.

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Stayntouch Platform​

Elevate your guest experience with Stayntouch PMS. Manage operations, streamline check-ins, and provide personalized services through an intuitive platform. Experience flexibility and scalability, adapting effortlessly to your hotel's evolving needs. Enjoy a full-featured platform with all core PMS capabilities, made remarkably easy to use.

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Powerful Multi-Property Management

Unlock the power of multi-property management with Stayntouch PMS. Seamlessly oversee operations across multiple locations, streamline processes, and centralize data for enhanced efficiency and control. Drive growth, optimize resources, and deliver consistent, top-notch guest experiences across your entire hotel portfolio.

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Drive Upsells with 

Reimagine your guests’ welcome and departure experience! Give guests the option of checking in through a smart kiosk designed to fit your brand’s standards and streamline the guest check-in and check-out journey.

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Elevate the Guest Experience

From speedy mobile and kiosk check-ins to tailored stays, Stayntouch enhances every touchpoint of the guest journey. Our platform doesn't just facilitate smooth arrivals; it adds value by offering guests control and convenience. With mobile and kiosk check-in, guests can bypass queues and access their room quickly and efficiently, ensuring a delightful stay.

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Enhanced Efficiency and Staff Productivity

Transform your hotel operations and empower staff with streamlined workflows and automation. Our modern cloud PMS offers robust features and an intuitive interface, enabling staff to efficiently manage tasks, freeing up time for personalized guest interactions. This boosts productivity, elevates service quality, and drives overall operational excellence.

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Rest Easy with a Scalable and Reliable Solution

Unlock limitless growth opportunities. As hotel owners, you need a solution that scales effortlessly, performs reliably, and drives success. With Stayntouch, you have a partner committed to empowering your growth journey with unmatched efficiency, performance, and unlimited integrations.

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Simplify and Save on Training and Deployment

Experience streamlined training and deployment with our user-friendly platform, backed by seasoned implementation consultants and comprehensive training resources. Ensure rapid staff adoption, accelerating time-to-value, while saving time and cutting costs, with the flexibility of in-person or fully remote deployment options.

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Enhance Your Hospitality Experience with Powerful and Modern Cloud Hotel Management Software

Unlock the power of our modern hotel PMS, seamlessly connecting guests, staff, and operators, with unparalleled flexibility. Delve into the full-featured, cloud-native solution, transforming hotel operations with mobility at its core.

Check-in to Limitless Growth

With our easy to use &  guest-centric cloud hotel PMS, you can streamline your hotel or chain operations, enhance your revenue streams, manage your assets with unparalleled flexibility, connect your entire tech ecosystem with ease, and re-imagine your guest’s on property experience. 

Grow Your Operations

Enhanced staff productivity & guest engagement.

Grow Your Tech Stack

Unburdened asset management & automated upsell revenue.

Grow Your Revenue

A fast, secure, and reliable cloud PMS, hosted on AWS.

Grow Your Portfolio

Central command from any device, including a tablet or mobile device.

Grow Your Profits

Unlimited interfaces at no extra cost. 1100+ integrations & Open APIs.

Grow Your Guest Satisfaction

Remote install, easy training, straightforward pricing, and no commitment.

Fueling Success for Owners & Operators

Stayntouch empowers owners and operators with a comprehensive hotel PMS that slashes training costs, drives efficiency, and eliminates integration expenses. Enjoy increased revenue and profitability while enabling leaner staff operations for enhanced operational agility and success.

  • 100% system uptime with no maintenance or data security fees.
  • Regular upgrades and unlimited integrations at no additional cost.
  • Cut costs and train staff in as little as 2 days.

Elevating Service for Guests

Stayntouch empowers hotels to elevate the guest experience at every touchpoint. From seamless digital check-in, ensuring convenience and efficiency, to personalized services tailored to individual preferences, we enable hotels to create unforgettable guest experiences and drive lasting loyalty.

  • Seamless and staff-free digital check-in and check-out.
  • Personalize their stay with customized upsells and upgrade offers.
  • Fulfill all of your guest’s requests in real time with integrated SMS.

Accelerating Staff Productivity

Stayntouch elevates hotel operations by empowering every department, from housekeeping to the front desk, with automation and an easy-to-use platform. Our streamlined processes promote friction-free operations, optimizing productivity and enhancing guest satisfaction at every touchpoint, ensuring sustained success for your hotel.

  • Automate cumbersome tasks and navigate your new cloud PMS like a pro.
  • Drive housekeeping and accounting productivity with easy and efficient workflows.
  • Easy and efficient training lets your staff focus on delivering service excellence.

Sage Hospitality Surges Guest Satsifaction by 20 Points with Stayntouch

Explore how Sage Hospitality, a leading hotel management group serving independent boutique hotels, luxury properties, and world-renowned soft-branded chains, leveraged Stayntouch PMS and Kiosk to revitalize the guest welcome, streamline operations and manage their portfolio and technology stack.

Explore Stayntouch 2.0

A fully integrated hotel technology suite to streamline operations, drive direct bookings, optimize distribution, and simplify payments.

Stayntouch PMS

Manage your property or chain more easily with enhanced group functionality, flexible allowance and packages, and new chain management features.


PRoduct TBD

Create a check-in experience that’s unique to your brand and convenient for your guests, with an easy and customizable guest kiosk.


Stayntouch Pay

Deliver a seamless and secure payment experience and Let your customers pay wherever and however they prefer.


Stayntouch Booking

Build an easy and intuitive booking experience for your guests and maximize direct bookings for your hotel.


Channel Manager

Connect to leading OTAs, boost revenue, and streamline your distribution strategy with a powerful channel manager.


Stayntouch Kiosk

Create a check-in experience that’s unique to your brand and convenient for your guests, with an easy and customizable guest kiosk.

Transformative Growth,
built for hospitality

  • 80% New customers converted
  • 15% Increase in revenue managed through ROH
  • 4.5X Return of Investment
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